A professional oral hygiene

A professional oral hygiene Teeth hygiene is very important health aspect. Big attention is given to the teeth superintendence, professional teeth hygiene and prophylaxis in the whole world. Nice smile became the part of image of modern man. To clean teeth surface with the toothbrushis is not always enough. Bad smell from the mouth, not healthy and mobile teeth usually can be when there is teeth caries or teeth cover illness. Because periodontal illnesses are painless, that is why you cannot even suspect that you have such problem.
Regular visits to the hygienist should become a habit. Only the hygienist can effectively remove all the patches and stones. Hygiene procedures are done during one or two visits, it depends on the amount of patches. If patient requires, the cleaned teeth group is anaesthetized. Teeth are cleaned with ultrasonic aparatus, that does not hurt teeth enamel. With the help of this aparatus all the patches and stones are remowed above and under the gums. After the cleaning with ultrasonic aparatus is used one of the newest „Air-flow“methods.
The mixture stream of water and soda quickly and without pain removes patches, cleans darkened interdental caused by tea or nicotine. Teeth surface is activated at some distance, that is why hard teeth tissues and gums are not hurt. After this „Air-flow“ procedure you can with pleasure enjoy your natural smile also the comfort and cleaness in your mouth. Teeth become wonderfully white.